Pattaya. The Pattaya region's tourism boards asked the governor of Chonburi to order all hotels to be closed so that employees could receive state unemployment benefits.

As in April, the Thai Hotel Association, Chapter East, and the Chonburi Tourism Council as well as six other organizations applied to the governor for economic relief to help business owners and employees during the second wave of Covid-19.

Hotel association head Phisut Sae-khu said staff are not given any help when a hotel closes due to a lack of customers. However, if the hotel is closed due to government orders, employees are entitled to half their salary, up to 15,000 baht per month.

Thanet Supornsahatrangsi, member of the Chonburi Tourism Council, estimates that 80 percent of the tourism businesses in Pattaya have already closed. Leonard Brix