Floating Market

Thailand is more and more popular as a touristic attraction, and small wonder, considering it is full of culture shocks and surprises  for someone who traveled only in the Americas and Europe. From  the meat of choice to martial arts, Asian people and especially also the Thais are known for their adaptability, and floating markets are yet another proof of how versatile humans can be when beset by Mother Nature: when unable to pave roads for trade, water may prove just as reliable an asset as others. There are many Floating Markets all over Thailand for example Pattayas Floating Market, Bang Nampheung, Amphawa or Damnoen Saduak.

The concept must be seen, but once you find yourself in the middle of a floating market, you know the experience is quite unique. In some, movement is done solely by boat, and if you don’t want to paddle, you can hire boatmen for a cheap price. Others have piers and you can simply walk by and let yourself be mesmerized by the kaleidoscope of exotic fruits, strange clothes, traditional food and hand-made souvenirs.


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