Life getting harder

Bangkok. According to a survey, there has been a sharp rise in unemployment in Thailand due to the corona measures. This goes hand in hand with financial hardship.

Between March 15 and 18, Suan Dusit interviewed 1,155 people in Thailand about their financial situation and current employment status.

Almost half of the respondents (47 percent) said that their savings had declined and that they had less money for clothes and cosmetics (39 percent). 36 percent also saved on daily travel expenses. (All figures rounded.)

At the same time, 23 percent said they were spending less on food and drink, while 22 percent said their credit card debt had increased.

55 percent of respondents said they had used their personal savings to cover an emergency, while 43 percent said they had to borrow money from family members. 33 percent were able to borrow money from banks, from friends (28 percent) or charge a credit card (27 percent).

Two thirds of those surveyed (66 percent) said unemployment caused stress, while 60 percent believed that the current economic situation had led to an increase in robbery and theft.

Well over half of the respondents (59 percent) stated that Corona was to blame for the current economic situation. Leonard Brix


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