Visa in general

General visa regulations by

Children's ID cards or children's entries in their parental passport are not recognized in Thailand!

The passport must have a validity of 6 months on the day of entry. For visas with longer stay or with multiple entry even 18 months.

Exceeding the permissible length of stay should be avoided at all costs, as this is by no means considered a trivial offense! (See over stay)

As the requirements for the documents to be submitted often change, I have renounced a list and instead set links to official information of the Embassy / Consulate.

Entry in general

Prior to landing in Thailand, the flight attendant will hand over an entry card. To avoid entry difficulties, this card should be completed in full. It will be checked carefully during passport control. In the event of loss of this card, it is advisable to visit the immigration office in good time before departure. Since the card is bound by the officials, this should not happen anyway.

After checking the passport, the border official will stamp an entry stamp with a valid validity period in the passport. I advise to check the data of this immigration stamp immediately. Changes are still possible without any problems at this time. On departure, however, such a mistake will cause trouble.

In the past, a customs declaration form was issued on the plane, which was later collected when leaving the airport. Meanwhile, the customs waived the issue of this form. Of course, you are still obliged to pay duty goods, as everywhere in the world. In Thailand, too, the luggage is checked at random.

Which visa do I need?

Holidays up to 30 days> visa at entry

Holidays up to 60 days> tourist visa

Longer stay> Non-immigrant visa

Frequent Business Travel> Three-Year Non-Immigrant Visa

Permanent Residence Permit> Residence Permit

Issuing the visa on arrival (Visa on Arrival)

Citizens from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and many other countries (country list pdf) can enter Thailand as tourists, without visa formalities, if the journey does not exceed 30 days and a confirmed return or return ticket can be presented. The entry stamp of the border official, in the passport, is valid as a residence permit. Even a one-time extension of another 30 days on site in Thailand at an immigration office without any problems. In addition to the above-mentioned filling the immigration card so no formalities.

Travelers with stand-by tickets always need a visa!

In earlier years, many foreigners took advantage of this opportunity to live permanently in Thailand. Shortly before the end of the 30 days, they drove to the state border to briefly leave and directly reenter. In 2014, this loophole was finally closed. Since then, this so-called visa run is no longer possible.

Nevertheless, tourists who make a short trip to the neighboring country will not experience problems re-entering the country if they can provide sufficient funds and a return ticket.

● Exhibition: Entry stamp when passing the border

● Prerequisite:

• Citizens from Germany, Austria, Switzerland or country list (Thai Consulate)

• Return or onward ticket

• Passport valid for at least 6 months upon entry

• Children's passports are not recognized!

• Travelers with stand-by tickets always need a visa

● Permitted duration of stay:

• when entering via airport: 30 days

• when entering by land or sea:

◦ Germans 30 days, Swiss and Austrians 15 days

● Extension in Thailand: 1 x 30 days

● multiple entry: via land or ship max. twice / calendar year

● Start of work: strictly forbidden!

Visa information

Royal Thai Embassy Berlin

Royal Thai Honorary Consulate Hamburg

Royal Thai Consulate General Frankfurt am Main

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Kingdom of Thailand

Tourist Visa (Tourist Visa) - pattern of completion

The tourist visa also allows a longer vacation stay of up to 60 days. The validity is 90 days. Within this period, the entry must be made.

For travelers, the z. For example, if you want to travel several times to Thailand on an Asian roundtrip, there is the tourist visa with multiple entries. It allows any number of entries to Thailand, in which, however, the respective stay may not exceed 60 days. The validity is 180 days. The last entry must therefore be within these 180 days, from the date of issue.

The tourist visa may be prior to travel in the home

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