Erawan waterfall closed

Kanchanaburi. The famous Erawan Waterfall in Si Sawat District in Kanchanaburi Province has been closed for safety reasons after several days of rain on Sunday. 

This was announced by the head of the Erawan National Park, Pirawat Sirotpipat. Pirawat said the water has gotten muddy and the strong currents at the falls could be dangerous for tourists.

The waterfall will remain closed until the situation has normalized.

Many areas in Dan Makham Tia, Tha Maka, Si Sawat and Huay Krachao districts are reported to have been flooded. Leonard Brix



Navy impounds fishing boats

Sattahip. The Royal Thai Navy impounded three Vietnamese fishing boats that illegally fished in Thai territorial waters.

Patrol Boat 272 found the three boats 47 nautical miles off Koh Juang. They anchored, the crew members searched for squid.

The crew was brought ashore. The men are accused of illegal fishing and illegal border crossing.

The First Naval Command has impounded 19 Vietnamese fishing boats this year, the Second Naval Command already 29. Leonard Brix



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